GeoFly GmbH becomes launch customer of the DA62 SurveyStar

On June 16, 2020 GeoFly GmbH signed the contract for a brand new DA62 SurveyStar of the Austrian manufacturer Diamond Aircraft. The signing of the contract was preceded by a time-consuming search by GeoFly GmbH for an optimal aircraft, which should fully meet the requirements of survey flights at low and medium altitudes.

"The problematic issues of these typical aircrafts are always similar," explains Aicke Damrau, managing director of GeoFly GmbH. "In addition to the intensive maintenance intervals, which should normally be carried out after at least 50 hours, it is also the inadequate AVGAS situation outside of Germany that leads to an increasing complexity of our flight operations. For operations at higher altitudes we still use turbine aircraft. But we have reached a limit of efficiency when using piston aircraft for projects at low and medium altitudes".

However, the Special Mission Aircraft DA62 SurveyStar surprised. "We were impressed especially about the low fuel consumption of the et-fuel-powered piston, as well as the maintenance costs and the 100-hour interval," Damrau sums up. "This and other advantages of the DA62 SurveyStar will set new standards in our airborne data acquisition. Our aim is that our customers and partners will benefit directly from this improvement".

Mario Spiegel, Sales Manager Europe and North America, commented, "We are very excited about having a launch customer for the DA62 SurveyStar, who is such a strong and professional player in the survey industry. With the DA62 SurveyStar, we have responded to the improvement opportunities of the current survey aircrafts on the market.”

The delivery and commissioning of the DA62 SurveyStar, which has been specially manufactured for GeoFly GmbH, is planned before the end of the year. The aircraft will be equipped with a Multi Sensor System for simultaneous data acquisition. The Nose Mount will carry a LiDAR system and the 20 inch camera STC will be equipped with the latest large format camera system from Vexcel in combination with the GSM4000 from Somag and an IGI Flight Management System.

Learn more about the DA62 SurveyStar and Diamond Aircraft at www.diamondaircraft.com 

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