Photovoltaic systems and solar thermal energy are becoming more and more popular. Especially with regard to environmental protection, autarky and electric mobility, this self-produced solar energy can make a contribution. With the knowledge of the solar capacity of the roof surfaces, predictions can be made about the energy production potential from photovoltaics or solar thermal energy.

A completely new way of analyzing the potential of individual objects is offered by the "Solar Potential" tool in the web-based oblique image viewer OBVIEWSLY from GeoFly GmbH. This easy-to-use analysis tool is applied to roof and open spaces in 3D mode and simulates light incidence and shading directly in the three-dimensional city model.

The great advantage of the tool in comparison to the classic solar portal is the variable use on any conceivable open space. The user can plan a new solar installation anywhere in the model and is not limited to existing roof areas, as is usually the case in solar cadastres.

Give it a try. You can reach our free demo version at www.obviewsly.de

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