ObViewSly - The oblique image viewer

OBVIEWSLY, GeoFly's inhouse browser-based oblique image viewer, is your first choice when it is about 3D building construction and the visualization of oblique images. Routing, measuring and other functional features for the visualization of geodata are also available.

In addition, you can view map information simultaneously in 3D and oblique.


OBVIEWSLY at a glance

  • free layer selection
  • oblique views
  • 3D model/ 3D mesh
  • online maps Open Street Maps
  • your own card layers on request
  • routing functions for emergency applications
  • annotations and PDF output
  • measurement functions in 2D and 3D
  • digitization of buildings in 3D
  • import/ export of City-GML


You can reach our free demo version via www.obviewsly.de
Try it out!

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