Geofly Press releases

UPDATE ObViewSly 2.1 is Online now

28.06.2017 - The ergonomics and usability of the new design were particularly important. The following functions can be used with the... more

Oblique Viewer "ObViewSly" is online now!

07.03.2017 - Our new Map Viewer Our new Map Viewer addresses the challenges of modern geospatial data infrastructures. Visualize... more

Accurate building coordinates

24.01.2017 - The GeoMaster, with approximatly 23.5 million address-coordinates, is the most complete database of its kind for... more

Aerial Flight Management - AFM

18.01.2017 - The AFM is a database based web-application. One of the four main components, is the project management to keep track of... more

Focus Africa

19.07.2016 - An area of over 2.000 square kilometers in the Northeast of Africa is currently captured by GeoFly. The obtained digital... more

GeoFly GmbH scores with innovative remote sensing technology.

24.10.2015 - October 2015 // IMG Saxony-Anhalt: Images from above are not only impressive. The images also contains a lot... more

GeoFly supports research team in monitoring the Iceland subglacial volcanoes.

19.10.2015 - With innovative remote sensing technology, the Aircrew GeoFly GmbH from Magdeburg provides valuable aerial imagery from... more
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