3D Mesh

3D meshes create a very realistic representation of reality, including all objects such as buildings and vegetation in the third dimension.

3D mesh services at a glance

  • Three-dimensional representation of the earth's surface inclusive objects
  • Textured triangle mesh
  • Derivation from nadir and oblique images
  • Online visualization with Cesium
  • Other file formats: *.obj, *.osgb, *.ive, *.dae


3D mesh in detail

The 3D mesh is created based on aerial survey data from the oblique image flight or a vertical image flight. The 3D mesh is derived automatically on the basis of a pixel-sharp 3D point cloud. The textures of the objects are taken from the underlying oblique images.

The 3D mesh represents a potential variant of a city model in the form of a textured triangle mesh. Further possibilities of the representation of a city model is the object-based approach based on building models of the various levels of details. The level of accuracy of the objects increases with every level: from LOD1 (untextured block models with flat roofs) to LOD4, i.e. detailed representations of buildings including doors, windows and facade details. Another advantage of the triangle mesh is shown in the online representation on websites or web portals: due to the distance-dependent degree of detail of the triangle mesh, the display remains fluent and efficient.

The 3D mesh can be exported as a file or visualized as a web representation (cesium), e.g. in our web service OBVIEWSLY. The 3D mesh combined with our 3D online viewer provides our customers a complete package with which they can easily dive into the 3D worlds.

For example, please dive into the 3D city model of the city of Munich in OBVIEWSLY.

potential fields of application

  • 3D planning basis
  • Location marketing
  • City marketing
  • 3D online city maps
  • Visibility analysis
  • 3D city models


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