Photogrammetry and Orthophotos

Dresdner Zwinger

Dresdner Zwinger


In addition to the digital aerial flights, the GeoFly GmbH performs the aerial survey flights on request so that the aerial images can be evaluated by photogrammetry. It is at the discretion of our clients, whether they want to perform the analysis itself or whether we should take this then.

The results of the aerial photography used in many ways. The following tasks can be processed with photogrammetric analysis:

  • Creation and continuation of topographic maps
  • Sealing surfaces mapping for the wastewater fee splitting
  • Acquisition of communal assets (DOPPIK)
  • 3D city models
  • Digital terrain models (DTM)

As we analyze the aerial images yourself if needed, we place special emphasis on the planning and execution of the aerial photo flight. If errors in the calculation of the flight lines arise or the overlap of the image pages would be insufficient, this would have implications for all subsequent work. Therefore, we process the orders with the greatest care and diligence to ensure smooth implementation.


Another services of our range is the creation of digital orthophoto. For an orthophoto mosaic has the geometric characteristics of a map, in a subsequent production process, the original image data are geo-referenced with the appropriate procedures and to equalize.

The bias in aerial survey is based through the photographic central projection to height differences of the terrain. Depending on the client's requirements for the equalization of the image data, existing terrain models can be used e.g. the state survey offices. Experience has shown that a reworking of the terrain models is necessary to produce a high quality orthophoto mosaic.

If you do not own a terrain model for the orthophoto production, we recommend that you derive this data from the aerial survey. The cost of purchasing a digital terrain model accounts for the overall project and making it more generally favorable.

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