Orthophoto / ortho aerial image

Digital orthophotos are rectified aerial photographs with the geometric characteristics of a map and the level of information of a photograph.

Dresdner Zwinger

Dresdner Zwinger

Orthophoto services at a glance

  • rectified and scaled image
  • four channel image (RGB + infrared)
  • resolution up to 2 cm

Orthophotos in detail

To ensure that an orthophotomosaic has the geometric characteristics of a map, the original image data must be georeferenced and rectified using adequate methods in a downstream production process.

The distortions in aerial surveys are a result of the central projection and height differences of the terrain. According to the client's requirements, existing terrain models, e.g. of the state surveying offices, can be used for the distortion correction of the image data or own DTM photogrammetric derived and edited.

If you do not have your own terrain model for orthophoto production, we recommend that you derive these data from the aerial survey.

Possible uses of orthophotos

  • background information in GIS
  • basis for planning
  • basis for cadastre (external area cadastre, tree cadastre, street cadastre and others)
  • online city maps
  • creation and continuation of topographic maps
  • sealing surfaces mapping for the wastewater fee splitting
  • acquisition of communal assets (DOPPIK)
  • 3D city models
  • digital terrain models (DTM)

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