Overview of reference projects

GeoFly GmbH realizes national as well as international aerial image surveys. A choice of our references can be found here:

Aerial surveys

Below you will find some references of our aerial survey projects. We realize them with high-precision special... more

Laser scanning projects

In addition to the classic aerial image flight, we also offer laser scanning. more

Solar cadastre / solar potential analysis

Solar cadastres are online portals which represent the energy potential of the roofs of cities and municipalities. They... more

True Orthophoto projects

The creation of highly accurate true orthophotos and image-based pixel sharp surface models is a fully automated... more

Oblique image projects

Oblique images provide a familiar view of the environment for users who are not experts in the field and thus offer... more

Orthophoto projects

Digital orthophotos (DOP) offer a variety of applications due to their characteristics. In the following you will find... more

open cut mining / mining projects

Open cut mining aerial surveys are an economical and fast way to generate terrain information. more

3D mesh

The 3D mesh is created based on aerial survey data from the oblique image flight or a vertical image flight. Here... more
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