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20.09.2023 - In 2023, INTERGEO, the top meeting of the international geocommunity, will take place in Berlin. GeoFly GmbH will... more

Open day photogrammetry 2023

20.09.2023 - In September 2023 our Open Day Photogrammetry will take place. This unique industry event is now starting its 4th... more

GeoFly at the 3D Forum Lindau 2023

13.03.2023 - For the 20th anniversary of the 3D Forum in Lindau, GeoFly GmbH will of course be at the start again. After the 3D Forum... more

GeoFly GmbH will be exhibitor at the Fernwärmetage in St. Pölten from 15-16 March 2023.

26.02.2023 - The District Heating Days have established themselves as the most important Austrian information and working conference... more

GeoFly GmbH will be on board at the Schleswig-Holstein Spatial Data Infrastructure Day on 14 March 2023 in Kiel.

25.02.2023 - GDI-SH The GDI-SH steering committee invites you to the Spatial Data Infrastructure Day in Kiel on 14 March 2023 and we... more

GeoFly GmbH launches the new solar configurator of its online GIS viewer ObViewSly, breaking new ground in the field of renewable energies.

26.02.2023 - https://obviewsly.de This has never been done before! The solar configurator of GeoFly GmbH is an additional module of... more

GeoFly at the 3D Forum Lindau 2022

27.02.2023 - GeoFly GmbH will be back at the 3D Forum in Lindau in 2022. After the 3D Forum had to be cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due... more


27.02.2023 - After a successful event premiere in 2020 and a very successful continuation in 2021 at the business airport Magdeburg,... more

GeoFly GmbH supports the State Office for Digitisation, Broadband and Surveying of the Free State of Bavaria with an online tool for aerial photo search.

27.02.2023 - www.ldbv.bayern.de/vermessung/luftbilder/recherchestation.html The LDBV goes online with an aerial photo research... more


27.02.2023 - In 2022, INTERGEO, the top meeting of the international geocommunity, will take place in Essen. From 18 to 20 October... more

OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY - passion for photogrammetry

09.09.2021 - On September 7 and 8, 2021, the OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY took place for the second time with bright sunshine at the... more

OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY - the first trade event of the aerial survey industry at Business Airport Magdeburg

27.02.2023 - GeoFly and geoplana welcomed industry partners and customers to the OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY at Business Airport... more
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