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OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY geht in die zweite Runde

16.03.2021 - In October 2020, geoplana Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH from Marbach-Rielingshausen and GeoFly GmbH from Magdeburg... more


12.03.2021 - Photovoltaic systems and solar thermal energy are becoming more and more popular. Especially with regard to... more

Brand new DA62 SurveyStar is handed over to GeoFly GmbH

18.02.2021 - GeoFly GmbH signed the contract for a new DA62 SurveyStar survey aircraft from the Austrian manufacturer Diamond... more

First test flights with the DA62 SurveyStar

18.01.2021 - GeoFly GmbH had to wait more than half a year for its new survey aircraft, the DA62 SurveyStar from Diamond Aircraft.... more

VDVmagazin 6/20 reports about GeoFly at INTERGEO digital 2020 and the live broadcast to the OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY

08.12.2020 - In the current VDVmagazin of December 7, 2020, you will find an article about the OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY in the... more

OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY - the first trade event of the aerial survey industry at Business Airport Magdeburg

15.10.2020 - GeoFly and geoplana welcomed industry partners and customers to the OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY at Business Airport... more

The basis for the ideal aerial image flight - more than simply weather conditions

30.07.2020 - GeoFly's aerial image flight offers the basis for a variety of aerial image products and customer applications in... more

GeoFly GmbH becomes launch customer of the DA62 SurveyStar

07.07.2020 - On June 16, 2020 GeoFly GmbH signed the contract for a brand new DA62 SurveyStar of the Austrian manufacturer Diamond... more

Combination of airborne laser scanning and mobile laser scanning opens up a wide range of applications

25.06.2020 - Airborne laser scanning is one of the most efficient methods to determine height information and the structure of the... more

Current announcement of GeoFly GmbH regarding operational procedures in times of the corona virus

17.03.2020 - Dear customers and partners, because of the current circumstances, GeoFly GmbH is taking internal measures to slow down... more

Second Eagle Mark 3 arrived in Magdeburg

02.12.2019 - Three of our GeoFly team colleagues were in Graz last week for a Lens Change Training at Vexcel Imaging.  Our... more

Vexcel Imaging Eagle Mark 3 will be delivered

11.11.2019 - GeoFly will receive the first of two brand new Vexcel Imaging Eagle Mark 3 cameras in the next days. Find out why we... more

Aerial image quality on a new level

26.09.2019 - GeoFly GmbH has opened a new chapter in aerial survey. Managing Director Aicke Damrau signed the purchase contract for... more

Aerial survey of the Hainich National Park

10.09.2019 - The forests in Germany and the world are in a worse state than ever before. One of the most important near-natural beech... more

New ObViewSly tutorials make it easier to get started

25.06.2019 - ObViewSly, GeoFly's server-based oblique image viewer, is your first choice when it is about 3D building construction... more

Successful Laserscan Mission in Romania

07.06.2019 - Night landing after a successful laserscan mission in the heart of Romania. The Airborne Laserscanning technology... more

Test ObViewSly 4.0 at the 18th 3D-Forum Lindau

29.04.2019 - On May 7 and 8, 2019 you will have the opportunity to meet us at the 18th 3D-Forum in Lindau on Lake Constance. The... more

Aerial surveys allmost finished

25.04.2019 - After a perfect sunny Easter weekend we have almost finished all aerial surveys for the unleaved season. A particularly... more

3D-Building-Extraction from 3D-Mesh-Data

11.09.2018 - At Intergeo 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, we present the new release of our online 3D tool "ObViewSly".A special highlight... more

Online analysis for Earth motion based on Satellite Interferometry

19.04.2018 - Analysis of earth motion based on satellite interferometry is a standard process since a couple of years for monitoring... more
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