GeoFly GmbH supports the State Office for Digitisation, Broadband and Surveying of the Free State of Bavaria with an online tool for aerial photo search.

The LDBV goes online with an aerial photo research station. With this tool, you can view your place of residence from above and see how it has changed over the years. Here, historical images of the whole of Bavaria can be viewed in digital form - and even from 1941 to the present day. The offer currently comprises approx. 800,000 digitised aerial photographs. Another 600,000 analogue aerial photographs are gradually being digitised and integrated. In addition, new digital aerial photographs from current flights are added to the inventory every year. GeoFly GmbH was commissioned with the programming of the online tool. The aerial photo research station enables the display of aerial photos on the map, as well as a search filter function. In addition to the aerial images, the display of metadata such as date of flight, municipality and scale is obligatory. The complete database of the Bavarian aerial photo research station is stored on the servers of GeoFly GmbH in Magdeburg and is permanently filled with further data by the LDBV. Currently, about 15,000 images are added every week. We are pleased about the joint project, the good cooperation and the great product.

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