The solar configurator by ObViewSly


It's never been like this before!

The solar configurator of GeoFly GmbH is an additional module of the online GIS viewer "ObViewSly" and enables everyone to plan a solar system on their own roof.

Our solar configurator differs significantly from a classic solar cadastre because precise planning for specific objects is possible here. Existing roof structures as well as neighbouring buildings or vegetation that influence solar radiation can be taken into account.

The basic data of the solar configurator are current geodata in form of vertical and oblique aerial images.

With its standard functions, the online viewer "ObViewSly" enables elegant navigation through the dataset.

The use of oblique aerial images enables a photorealistic representation of building facades as well as all other topographic elements. This means that the actual situation on site can be mapped from all points of the area.

In order to be able to use the solar configurator, a virtual world is created from the aerial image data. This creates a free movable 3D view.

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