Airborne Laser Scan

The laser scanning has as opposed to aerial survey flight relatively few demands on the weather conditions. To complete orders on time, even with less than ideal conditions can be carried out aerial surveys.

GeoFly offers laser scanning in both Full Wave and in the conventional mode.

The conventional mode of airborne laser scanning constitutes a form of the pulse transit time measurement. In this method, only the height information will be collected. The laser pulses are collecting both, the single and the repeated impact of a laser beam. Based on the duration of the reflection and the position of the aircraft then the terrain profile is calculated. The result is a terrain model and the height points can be classified into object types. Even in the presence of vegetation can be detected in computation processes.

At full wave mode, additional information, based on the characteristics of the recorded light waves, will be analyzed which, for example can provide information on the nature of the substrate.

The airborne laser scanning technology enables us to carry out aerial surveys and also at night in any season. The accuracy of the resulting terrain model is, depending on the flight, less than 10 cm.


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