Aerial Flight Management - AFM

From flight planning to quality assurance of airborne data.

The AFM is a database based web-application. One of the four main components, is the project management to keep track of running projects and their status from the planning up to the finished quality control of the captured material. Furthermore, it is possible and mandatory to assess each recorded dataset (belonging and listed to the projects) before it gets either into the continuing production, or back to the data capture department due to reflight issues, for example. The second component in this row is the sensor & installation monitoring in order to have control about the different devices, including their calibrations status and installation at the according platform. Number three is the airplane & operation management which includes the monitoring of each air operation. The recorded operation times will be used for the “on the fly visualization” of the remaining operation hours until the next due aircraft inspection, or engine overhaul limits. In addition, those time records are one of the major measures for project & cost analyses.

All those capabilities together allow the users of the AFM a fully streamlined & transparent production line and the full use of purpose & component number four, which is the reporting. This option is a summary of all inputs from each responsible person. At the end of project, it will be possible to track for each recorded dataset (called “captures” in the AFM) the used sensor and its parameters & calibration revision.

  • the acquisition date & time
  • the used aircraft & its crew and even the responsible person for the platform installation

  • an operation time evaluation for each equipment based cost units  

Especially when you have a higher number of projects this is an unbeatable advantage in order to keep control of your projects, equipment and aircrafts. It keeps the production hierarchy low and transparent, which shortens the respond time & costs significantly.

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