Aerial Flight Management - AFM

Management tool from flight planning to quality assurance of airborne data

AFM at a glance

  • Project management (project fields, flight planning)
  • Management of sensors (image, LiDAR, thermal sensors, calibration protocols)
  • Management of Mount Units
  • Aircraft management (sensor installations, flight operations)
  • Uploads of flight planning, data capture and trajectories from other programs
  • Automatic assignments to projects and operations
  • Quality assurance of the imported data capture
  • Analyses (reports)
  • Management of access rights (employees, access management for clients)
  • event-driven e-mail notification (employees, groups, clients)
  • Creation of any number of clients


AFM in detail

The software Aerial Flight Management is used in the flight operations of GeoFly GmbH. It covers the entire workflow from flight planning to quality assurance of the collected aerial image data. Extensive reports and evaluations support the project handling.

The project management supports file imports from external flight planning software, bundles larger projects using sub-projects and manages versioned flight plans per field.

The used aircrafts and sensors are administered. Inspection periods for aircraft, calibration protocols for sensors and the administration of installations (Sensor->Aircraft) simplify the daily work of flight operations management.

Flight operations are used to record flight times, incidental costs and distances. The data recorded here are available in the reports, e.g. Module' Mineral Oil Tax Refund.

After the flight has been successfully completed, the data from the sensors are transferred to the software via an upload module. Import interfaces for DataCapture (EAD-File/CSV-Files) and Trajectory (KML-File) are available. Standardized reports are available for project monitoring. Project analysis and completion are easy to handle. The status of the projects can be displayed at any time as a tabular overview or as a map.

Company license with hosting on GeoFly Server:



Price (per year)

Basic fee (per year)

  • Incl. 1 system license. One system license includes:
  • 1 aircraft or helicopter AND
  • 1 sensor AND
  • 1 operator AND
  • 1 pilot

2.500,00 EUR

Additional license technique (per year)

One technique iicense includes:

  • 1 aircraft or helicopter OR
  • 1 sensor

250,00 EUR

Additional crew license (per year)

A crew license includes:

  • 1 operator OR
  • 1 pilot

150,00 EUR

 The prices are valid for the first year pro rata. Minimum licensing period: 1st year and following year. Test license: 2 months

Company license with hosting on own customer server (plus setup costs):



Price (per year)

System installation (one-time)

Software installation on existing customer server.

The system configuration is agreed in advance with the customer.

1.800,00 EUR

Plus travel and accommodation costs

Hardware (optional)

19'' rack server or workstation, pre-installed

2.500,00 EUR


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