Open cut mining / Mining

Aerial surveys allow to collect efficiently and quickly geographical data in the mining industry.

3D open cut mining analysis

3D open cut mining analysis

Benefits of flying for the mining industry

  • Fast and cost-effective recording of terrain information
  • No interruption of production necessary
  • Derivation of 3D terrain models
  • Documentation of developments
  • Visualization of settlements and earth movements possible

Survey for mining in detail

The survey and acquisition of terrain information is a time and cost intensive factor in open cut mining. Aerial image flights allow generation of geographic information for a subsequent precise survey quick and efficient. In this connection the advantage of aerial survey is the contactless data recording. The production process neither has to be slowed down nor interrupted and even inaccessible areas can be documented.

Mine surveying has special requirements in relation to flexibility and precision. For a fast processing in mine survey photo flights can be carried out even under unfavorable conditions by using high-end digital camera systems. The stereoscopically process is not influenced. Volume and mass calculations are common practice of GeoFly. Repeated aerial image flights not only allow the documentation of developments but also the visualization of settlements and earth movements. Even 3D analyses are no problem.

Our experiences in the analysis of mining and open cut mining projects are supported by the cooperation with the TRIGIS GeoServices GmbH.

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