Electric Street - Lighting Analysis / Lighting cadastre

Lighting analyses are used for the recording of all lighting systems and provide information about under- and over-lit streets and paths.

Lighting analysis at a glance

  • Recording in nightly aerial image flights
  • Additional recording of thermography optional
  • Allocation of lighting units to road sections


Benefits of lighting cadastres

  • Recording of all lighting systems, regardless of location
  • Determination of under- and over lit road and path areas
  • Basis for energy-efficient lighting planning


With an electric lighting analysis for urban areas, based on aerial photographs at nighttime, it is possible to detect under and over exposed streets, places and pathways. The particularity of this procedure is the region wide documentation of all street lighting systems independent of its locations nature. That is creating the base of an energy-efficient street lighting management.

In the course of implementation of EU-guidelines regarding to the exchange of illuminants, a complete requirement analysis can be carried out, based on this method. With aggregation on an existing street cadastre, for instance, every single lighting unit can be linked automatically to a street section.

If needed an additional infrared camera system can be installed for the photo flight to get more information of energy efficiency and heat emission of buildings etc.

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