Oblique aerial photos

Oblique images convey a realistic perspective and give the viewer a feeling of spatial depth in the image.

Oblique services at a glance

  • digital aerial survey oblique
  • simultaneous nadir recording
  • infrared data in the nadir
  • textured 3D mesh from nadir and oblique
  • particularly detailed pointcloud
  • user-friendly display in the oblique image viewer ObViewSly


Oblique images in detail

In our oblique aerial survey, photogrammetric camera systems capture 5 synchronous images per trigger point in nadir and oblique images.

Flight planning is structured in such a way that the oblique images are aligned to the four points of the compass. If you don't have a customized software for viewing oblique images, we would be pleased to make you an offer for our in-house oblique image viewer ObViewSly. Here you will find oblique data of some reference cities. Take a look at Leipzig in oblique mode, for example.

Oblique images are a welcome addition to many projects, because they also provide a familiar view of the environment for users who are not experts in the field and thus offer better orientation. In addition, further information can be generated that is not visible in orthophotos, such as building facades, side views of bridges or passageways.

The camera technology we use is an UltraCam Osprey 4.1.

Possible fields of use for oblique images

  • visualization for urban planning
  • real estate ( exposé)
  • tourism / city marketing
  • environment (e.g. cadastre of trees)
  • energy

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