Global Mapper

Geodata management tool for beginners and professionals

Global Mapper is an affordable and easy to use GIS application software. The software is designed for beginners and business users because of its intuitive user interface.

Global Mapper can be used as a standalone spatial data management tool as well as an integral part of a enterprise-wide GIS and is a must-have for anyone who works with maps or spatial data. Global Mapper supports more than 300 spatial data formats and also offers an optional LiDAR module for powerful point cloud processing.


Global Mapper at a glance

  • Load files as layers, e.g. a digital elevation model together with a scanned topographic map, to produce as a result 3D views.
  • comprehensive distance and area calculations
  • diverse illustrations of elevation data
  • Georeferencing of images
  • Creation of elevation lines and surfaces
  • Triangualtion and gridding of 3D point data
  • handles numerous import and export formats
  • the built-in scripting capability helps to combine and automate processes in batch processes


Further information and current prices for the Global Mapper can be found in our Geoshop.



The software is offered as a download version, shipping costs are no longer required. Since we offer you the manufacturer prices depending on the dollar exchange rate, the prices are subject to change. Changes and errors excepted.

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