GeoFly relies on environmentally friendly aircraft.

GeoFly operates a fixed fleet of three DA62 MPP aircraft and expands this by renting up to three additional aircraft during peak season.

The DA62 MPP is characterised by outstanding flight performance and efficiency. Compared to similar aircraft models, it has a particularly low fuel consumption. In addition, the DA62 uses jet fuel instead of conventional leaded AVGAS. Both factors contribute positively to our carbon footprint and also offer economic advantages. Energy efficiency is of paramount importance to GeoFly. By using the DA62 MPP as our core fleet, we are making our contribution to a more sustainable future and positioning ourselves as an industry pioneer.

The DA62 has sufficient space for the installation of a large format camera or thermal camera as well as a laser scanner. This enables the use of synchronous flights with two systems and offers considerable added value for numerous questions.

Charter Aircraft of GeoFly GmbH.

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Contact Geofly GmbH

Ottersleber Chaussee 91
39120 Magdeburg

Tel.: +49 391 5095958-0
Fax: +49 391 5095958-99
Email: post@geofly.eu


ISO Zert 9001 ISO Zert 14001