OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY - passion for photogrammetry

On September 7 and 8, 2021, the OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY took place for the second time with bright sunshine at the Business Airport in Magdeburg. The concept of the live event is unique in this format in the industry and focuses on photogrammetry in a very practical way. The aerial survey companies AVT, bsf swissphoto, geoplana, Hansa Luftbild as well as GeoFly invited as co-organizers and experts of the aerial imaging industry to this very special event.

Review: In October 2020, the first OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY took place. "The conditions last year were a bit more difficult," explained Aicke Damrau, managing director of GeoFly GmbH and co-organizer of the team of five organizers in total. "The event was organized in just under three months." The reason for the spontaneous decision to create an event for partners and customers of aerial surveying was the cancellation of INTERGEO in Berlin. INTERGEO, as one of the most important international exhibitions for the geoinformation industry, could not be held at that time due to the increasing restrictions of the SARS-CoV-2 infection control regulation. A circumstance that Aicke Damrau could not accept in this way. He contacted other aerial survey companies and partners. OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY was born. "Despite the circumstances, we were able to inspire both with the event partners and customers equally."

With the very positive feedback in 2020, it was quite quickly obvious that the OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY would not remain a one-time event.

So this year the event tent stood on the runway in front of the business terminal of the Magdeburg airport for two days. 16 companies presented themselves there at their stands.

12 expert presentations on the topics of aerial surveying flights by day and by night, mobile mapping, aircraft technology, stereoscopic evaluations as well as 3D evaluations and software were held on these days. In 14 different workshops the participants had the chance to gain insight into flight planning, flight preparation and post-processing, aircraft technology and different software technologies. Expert knowledge was imparted in small groups, specific questions could be asked and discussed together.

The guests, who are usually professionally involved with photogrammetry or the products generated from it, were able to experience and explore aircraft and their technical equipment up close and get into conversation directly with the various exhibitors.

"We received amazing positive feedback. Since the weather was also perfect this year, we were even able to perform the aerial survey flights, which had to be cancelled last year," Damrau continued, summing up the event.

Already at the closing ceremony on the second day of the event, the five organizers agreed: the OPEN DAY PHOTOGRAMMETRY will also take place next year. " Hands-on photogrammetry" will thus be held again in 2022 for those who are interested in aerial image-based surveying.

Further information and impressions of the event can be found at www.open-day-photogrammetry.de

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