Solar Capacity Analysis

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3D Solaranalysis

3D Solaranalysis

Every roof, building or structure has its own solar capacity, depending on the position of the sun, season of the year and the nature of its surface. Furthermore shading of special area features and adjacent objects are influencing the capacity. With the knowledge of solar capacity of areas and objects an energy generating potential by photovoltaic and solar thermic systems can be predicted.

To determine the capacities of several solar objects basically two methods are applicable.

  • Firstly, there is the possibility to perform a aerial survey with high resolution aerial images. These images are then evaluated by photogrammetry and created a three-dimensional object model that contains all the height, inclination and shading information. Using this model, we can calculate the solar capacity of each detected object. The information contained in the aerial imagery information can be recorded simultaneously existing roof structures and existing installations and considered in the calculation.
  • The second way is to calculate on the basis of airborne laser scanning. This provides, as the photogrammetric analysis, a three-dimensional object model that contains all the necessary information. With this information, the solar capacity of all detected objects can be calculated. However, there is no image data without additional air pictorial information that allow a conclusion to existing solar systems.

Our technology allows the calculation of solar capacity of buildings, the automatically 3D-recording of the roof-areas and the classification of the solar capacity, based on the roof inclination, direction and shading of adjacent buildings and terrains. All data will be prepared and visualized in a clearly laid out manner by using aerial photographs and topographic maps.

With our partner, GeoContent GmbH, we offer additional solutions for online services and portals for the solar capacity calculation.

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