Our network of partners and memberships

The GeoFly GmbH has an excellent network of partners and memberships.


Logo Trigis

Trigis GmbH 

TRIGIS is a growing service companyoffering its customers innovative productstechnologies and sustainable values??. With core competencies in the fields of geodesyremote sensingcartography and the use of geographic information systems, the company is a leader in the sector. It covers the range of services a variety of service-oriented engineering and consulting services to help projects at national or international, can be carried out successfully.


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GeoContent GmbH

The GeoContent GmbH is one of the leading German companies for aerial imagery and geospatial informationThe core product is the first and only comprehensive aerial image mosaic of Germanywhich maps the Federal Republic in the form of homogeneous color orthophotos with a resolution of 10 to 50 centimeters. All data is updated continuouslyAdditionally elevation modelshouse exact address coordinates3D city models and web-based geographic information systems are offered.



As a sales partner of CopterSystems GmbHwe offer international services with various UVA's // drones.

Air Tempelhof

With our flexible fleet that for every application provides the optimal aircraft. There are reachable airfieldsof which you have been perhaps not even heard of  . From Berlin, in Germany alone more than 200 and more than 1,300 airports in Europe can be reached. Air Tempelhof brings you quickly and safely to your destination. No matter in which direction  your destination is. Whether business meeting or flight experience - Air Tempelhof  should always be the first choice for you.

Flugdienst Magdeburg GmbH

The FMD GmbH is located directly on the business airport Magdeburg. The air carrier offers balloon ridesscenic flights, a flight school and aerial survey flights. Especially in the field of disease controlthe FMD has done in recent years, particularly prominent. Instead of hand interpretation of baits to combat rabies in foxes and swine fever in feral pigsa more economical and huntsman-worthy variant is available from the air. The large-scale application of the bait is carried out with the aid of aircraft and helicopters.


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