Digital aerial survey

The digital aerial survey is the basis for the success of a project and the geodata generated from it.

Digital aerial photo flights are the base of a photogrammetric project. Therefore, it must be planned carefully and then carried out exactly.

Digital aerial photo flights are the base of a photogrammetric project. Therefore, it must be planned carefully and then carried out exactly.

The exact aerial survey planning is the basis for every aerial survey project. On the base of the determined routes, the pilot knows at which altitude and how densely meshed the flight has to take place.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Accurate flight planning
  • Aerial survey with high-resolution special cameras
  • Ground resolution up to 2 cm
  • Measurement accuracy up to 5 cm (3D)
  • Color and infrared photography

Digital aerial survey in detail

1. Project preparation

The exact flight planning is the prerequisite for every flight project and guarantees a high quality standard. The flight routes and the overlapping of the images are determined individually for each project and adapted to the terrain.

2. Aerial survey

The flight takes place with high-quality technical equipment. For the production of our pictures we use absolutely precise high performance cameras. These guarantee high-resolution image data as well as problem-free further processing. Digital aerial photographs have the advantage that several spectral ranges can be captured simultaneously during a flight. Thus aerial photos are available in grey tones (panchromatic), in colour (red-green-blue) and colour-infrared.

Within the scope of projects for the three-dimensional detection of objects, it is generally guaranteed that a comprehensive stereoscopic measurement is possible. In addition the aerial survey parameters are adjusted accordingly in close consultation with the client.

3. Evaluation and refinement

Each aerial survey is performed in such a way that a later photogrammetric evaluation is possible. It is up to our customers to decide whether they want to do the evaluation themselves or whether we should do it for them. The results of aerial photogrammetry can be used in many different ways.

The following tasks can be done with photogrammetric evaluation:

  • Creation and continuation of topographic maps
  • digital terrain models (DTM)
  • pixel-sharp digital surface models
  • 3D city models / 3D mesh
  • Inventory documentation in route planning
  • Sealing area mapping for wastewater fee splitting
  • Recording of communal fixed assets (DOPPIK)

Further information about aerial survey products can be found here: Orthophoto, True Orthophoto, Solar cadastre, Mining, Lighting cadastre

4. technological equipment

Camera systems

As camera systems we have high performance cameras from Microsoft-Vexcel Imaging: The UltraCam Osprey Mark 3 Prime as well as the Eagle Mark 3.


Our aircraft fleet consists of our own aircrafts, as well as other aircrafts that are chartered during the flying season. All aircrafts are characterized by good flight performance and efficiency and their optimal size for operation of large format camera systems.


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