Thermography aerial survey

The thermo graphic recording of GeoFly GmbH is divided into several areas:

1. Aerial survey of over- and underground district heating lines to identify defects

During the survey of weak spots and damaged areas on heating pipelines the surface temperature is measured in the tenth of degrees centigrade range. That allows to locate eventually weak spots within a few cm.


2. Thermo graphic survey of urban areas for determination of thermal loss to increase energy efficiency

GeoFly GmbH is able to record and analyze wide urban areas by airborne thermography. The product of our thermo graphic scans is a heat emission map. That kind of overview allows detection and managing sources of interference and trouble spots target oriented.

The heat emission map is generated during a thermal survey flight with a thermo graphic camera gathering a thermal image of the earth surface. This area wide documentation provides exact temperature information of all objects in the selected range. To reach an explicit classification of the thermo graphic survey, the results can be related to the floor plan of every single building, so a special thermal loss class can be defined. That gives the map its final significance.

By means of the recorded data it is possible to identify massive energy loss arranges it and introduces sanctions to reduce heat loss sources. That enables to reduce costs as well as attack problems according to its need.


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