Secure Image Archive (SIA)

Lossless data compression and archiving with data verification

SIA is a program that allows lossless compression of TIFF files to JPEG2000. The data is checked pixel by pixel. This ensures and guarantees that the target files have been created correctly. In addition, an archive protocol is issued by the program to demonstrate the correct filing. This provides the user with additional proof of correct archiving.

Secure Image Archive at a glance

  • Lossless compression of TIFF files to JPEG2000
  • Pixel way data validation
  • Issue an archiving protocol to demonstrate the correct filing

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)
  • Global Mapper Installation (included in the delivery)
  • Java Runtime
  • Adobe PDF Reader


The manual can be downloaded here


Further information and current prices for the Secure Image Archive can be found in our Geoshop.

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