Aerial imagery created with the aid of photographic images of the aircraft. In highly technical processes after the aerial survey, the scale aerial map from the input images will produce. To allow for the production of air image products, modern digital sensor systems are used.

The technical equipment of our aerial survey company basically consists of three components:


There is an Aero Commander 680 FL of air carrier Air Tempelhof available and our own Cessna 182T for the photo... more

Camera system

There are three high-performance camera systems from Microsoft Vexcel Imaging available. UltraCam Falcon... more

Serversystem and Workstations

The ground segment consists of server systems and specialized workstations. Software systems are used by Microsoft,... more

Aerial Photo Scanner DSW600

For example, archiving works of historical aerial imagery, we have the scanning of aerial photographs in our modern... more
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