Our Services

The GeoFly GmbH reserves all, according to German law, the necessary licenses to perform aerial flights. Together with the Know-How of our specialists and our advanced technical equipment, we can execute orders for clients from various industries.

The delivery of the image data is stored on digital media or directly via FTP download from the web server GeoFly. The image data can be adapted to customer-specific output formats (TIFF, JPEG) and geometrical parameters.

Our services include:

Digital aerial survey

The exact aerial survey planning is the basis for every aerial survey project. On the base of the determined routes, the... more

Orthophoto / ortho aerial image

Orthophoto services at a glance rectified and scaled image four channel image (RGB + infrared) resolution up to 2... more

Airborne Laser Scanning

Laser scanning services at a glance planning and execution of flights with laser scanner combination with digital... more

SOLAR CADASTRE / solar potential analysis

Services of the solar cadastre creation at a glance capture of the desired area in a photo flight or laser... more

Thermography aerial survey

The thermo graphic recording of GeoFly GmbH is divided into several areas: 1. Aerial survey of over- and underground... more

Open cut mining / Mining

The survey and acquisition of terrain information is a time and cost intensive factor in open cut mining. Aerial photo... more

Electric Street - Lighting Analysis

With an electric lighting analysis for urban areas, based on aerial photographs at nighttime, it is possible to detect... more
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